We cultivate 120 hectares of vines in organic regime and are proud to adhere to SOStain – a Sicilian protocol for excellence that reaches beyond a strictly agricultural idea of sustainability to encompass regional heritage and continuous developments in scientific research.

We listen to nature

Nature gives us all that we need, it is up to us to create the conditions to allow her to thrive. Like all agricultural practices, viticulture has implications on the surrounding ecosystem and its ability to grow and nurture in the future.

I Vini Di Tonnino - Sostenibilità in Vigna

Our vision of organic

We believe that operating organically can no longer be considered a means to an end, but rather a precondition for all agricultural practices. From this perspective, the act of operating according to an organic regime is necessary but not sufficient. This assumption drives us to continuous experimentation with new “best practices”. Thanks to a research partnership with the University of Palermo we have been able to introduce innovative practices, including the analysis of drought stress in vines and the consideration of when to intervene with emergency irrigation; or the introduction of local enemies to fight off the pesty cochineal insect. We have even discovered the benefits of using beeswax as a self-defense mechanism for the vine.

I Vini Di Tonnino - Sostenibilità biologico
I Vini Di Tonnino - Sostenibilità progetto SOStain

SOStain, sustainability made in Sicily

Tonnino adheres SOStain, an innovative program with the scope of certifying the sustainability of the regional wine sector. SOStain is based on the theory that the impacts of agriculture reach beyond the boundaries of the fields being cultivated, affecting the well-being of workers, the health of consumers, the involvement of local communities, the enhancement of the surrounding area, and the conservation of natural resources. These and other principles are codified by a protocol composed of 10 minimum requirements, which has garnered the participation of Sicily’s most prominent wineries.