The Tonnino winery lies in the rural countryside of Alcamo, a place renowned in western Sicily for white wines. What we do and how we work is a balance between experimentation and the uncompromised wisdom of generations of farming.

Traditional winemakers,
passionate innovators

We are a family of winemakers and vine tenders. We produce Sicilian wines from native varietals and international grapes, combining ancient wisdom passed down from generation to generation with avant garde scientific studies. Our wines seek to be sincere expressions of the unique territory from which they grow thanks to honest, respectful work in the vineyards.

I Vini Di tonnino - Azienda Produzione

Nurturing diversity

We believe that being from a place doesn’t necessarily mean where you were born, but how you evolve together and make it your own. This principal is shared by all beings, from humans to animal to plants, and is present throughout Sicily’s extraordinarily rich history: an island whose unique past boasts layers upon layers of assimilation, convergence and cohabitation. The deep-rooted agricultural traditions of our company have allowed us to experiment over the course of decades with local, national and international varietals capable of adapting and giving life to stimulating, unexpected, peculiar wines. Each unapologetically Sicilian.


I Vini di Tonnino - Azienda Nutriamo la Diversità
I Vini di Tonnino - Azienda vitivinicola Alcamo

Winery in Alcamo

Since the beginning of the 1950s, our family has been dedicated to sustainable viticulture in the hills of Alcamo and Belice, two areas with rich agricultural history thanks to the generosity of the land and its vocation to vineyards. In the ‘90s we decided to come full circle, vinifying and bottling our wines with the name “Tonnino”. Furthermore, in 2020, we purchased and remodeled the historic Baglio Ceuso, our cellar, situated in the countryside of Alcamo, a symbol of Sicilian winemaking architecture. Over the course of time our family has grown, inviting experts to collaborate with us in stable, continuative collaboration.


Listening to nature

Nature gives us all that we need, it is up to us to create the conditions to allow her to thrive. Like all agricultural practices, viticulture has implications on the surrounding ecosystem and its ability to grow and nurture in the future. We believe that today organic practices provide an undeniable starting point but that at times it is not enough. We combine organic methods with personal knowledge that has been passed down through generations. Constant research and modern science have granted us new insight in precision agriculture, as well as the ability to identify innovative, natural solutions and recognize organic antagonists in the vineyard.


I Vini di Tonnino - Azienda ascoltiamo la natura