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Throughout the ‘90s, one of Italy’s most acclaimed enologists, Giacomo Tachis, dedicated himself to the great challenges that were presented by Sicilian viticulture. In doing so, he carved out a new future for the region and its wines. Among his most recognizable accomplishments was the invention of Ceuso: more than just a winning combination of production and evolution, but the result of a passionate, ambitious project that would go on to conquer the palates of critics and enthusiasts all over the world. Ceuso is a red wine destined to aging, made from a blend of Nero d’Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Obtained from a rigorous selection of grapes in the vineyard, the must is vinified with a submerged cap in small stainless-steel tanks. After fermentation, the wine matures in cement and continues its evolution in precious Seguin Moreau barrels. This is a wine for a special occasion, characterized by exceptional length and finesse with noble, velvety tannins.

Contessa Entellina

Southwestern Sicily, Tenuta di Contessa Entellina and bordering territories

Deep, dark, alluvial soils of medium texture. Silt, sandy-clay composition with a good concentration of organic substances

130 m a.s.l.


Spalliera with guyot pruning leaving 5-7 buds per shoot

3205 plants per ha. Vineyard layout 2.60m x 1.20m

From the first to the third week of September

After destemming and crushing the wine is fermented and macerated at 22-24°C for 25-30 days

Aged 8/10 months in controlled temperature cement tanks, followed by 12
months in French oak barrels and minimum 12 months in bottle prior to release.

14% Alc by Vol, 6 g/l total acidity, 3.40 pH

In the glass, a beautiful ruby red color. The aromatic spectrum is rich and varied: opening with berry fruits and leading towards spices and notes of cacao. On the mouth the wine is vigorous with an important alcoholic structure held up by optimal acidity and notable tannins

Juicy meats and aged cheeses


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C/ALU 90


FOR 51


GL 71

C/ALU 90