Zibò is a dessert wine made from the best selection of our zibibbo grapes and a particular vinification technique that lends it richness while at the same time maintaining balance. An initial selection of grapes is harvested from the vineyards in August then laid to dry on racks in the sun for 25-30 days before they are finally de-stemmed. At this point, a second harvest ensues in the same vineyard, turning out grapes that are lightly dried on the vine. These are pressed right away into fresh must and combined with the sun-dried selection before fermenting in cool temperatures with continuous pumpovers. The result is a wine that offers an impressive aromatic range typical to this varietal: sweet and enveloping, with notes of fresh apricot, citrus peel, dates and honey. Despite its sweetness, the wine is not cloying but fresh, boasting great tension and balance. Zibò is the perfect pairing for sweets at the end of a meal, of course, but also a great match for blue cheese and cave-aged cheeses.


Southwestern Sicily, Tenuta di Poggioreale and surrounding territories

Deep, dark, alluvial soils of medium texture. Silt, sandy-clay composition with a good concentration of organic substances

130 m a.s.l.


Spalliera with guyot pruning leaving 5-7 buds per shoot

4,000 plants per ha. Vineyard layout 2.50m x 0.90m

Hand harvested within the first half of September

Fermentation in stainless steel with controlled temperature of 15/16 °C; the crushed dried grapes are added to the must throughout fermentation and the wine then undergoes maceration for 50-60 days.

Aged 6 months in French oak barrels followed by 5 months in stainless steel tank and minimum 4 months in bottle.

13.5% Alc by Vol, 6.80 g/l total acidity, 3.48 pH

Yellow golden color with amber reflections. On the nose it is dominated by sweet honey, fresh apricot and orange peel. On the palate, a classic array of sweets and dried grapes

Excellent dessert wine with typical Sicilian treats


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GL 70


GL 70